KANGBO Machinery Group manufactured the construction hoists since 1997, it has been in this field for 20 years. 

We have rich experience in high rise buildings, especially super high buildings, and heavy load high speed hoists, e.g., the elevator running at 60 meter/minute speed with full load of 3 tons. 

hoists at ZS TC 220m high building.jpg rack hoists at ZS TC 220m high building.jpg

KANGBO hoists used at Nanchang, Jiangxi: ZHENG SHENG TAIKOO COMPLEX, the urban complex, multi building of 220 meters high, built by China Railway Construction Engineering Group.  

construction hoist at WORDTRADE Building, JINJIANG .jpg construction elevator at WORDTRADE Building, JINJIANG .jpg 

KANGBO builders hoists used at Quanzhou, Fujian: WORD TRADE BUILDING, a building of 215 meters high.