The advanced equipments of Kangbo Group. 

Fine processing start from raw materials. The steel plates are cutted by Laser. The construction hoist lifts parts are processed by CNC machine tools, welded by welding robots, so, they are of high precision and good finish. 

Laser cutting machines 1.jpg

Laser cutting machines 2.jpg

welding robot 1.jpg 

I. Mast section

1.1 Materials:

Beams and tubes are made of Q345 steel, enhanced about 30% of the comprehensive mechanical properties of

stiffness, strength and toughness.

1.2 Process

CNC processing and robot welding assembly, extremely high quality welding, strictly accurate dimension of parts.

Immersion paint, coating the inner wall of mast section. Hot galvanizing of mast section is available.

All mast sections have "KB" label and production serial numbers, with traceability. 

construciton hoist mast .jpg

II. Driving device

2.1. New technology and design:

Drive pinions operate on the racks that at the middle of mast sections. Higher drive torque, less load bias of drive device and cage, machines run more stably and smoothly, and less wear.

The construction hoists apply KANGBO own helical gearboxes. Its drive efficiency is up to 94%, about 40% higher than worm worm reducers. The KANGBO hoists consume much less power and save costs of electricity, e.g., power consumption of a 2 ton, 0-46m/min KANGBO twin cage hoist is 60KW totally, will save 45% electric power, about 130,000 KWH a year compare with worm reducer hoists. 

2.2. Materials

Main components of driving frame are made of Q345 steel. The drive pinions apply carburizing alloy steel, manufactured and processed specially, with better rigidity, larger carrying capacity and the face of pinions is more wearable, durable for shock.

2.3. Process:

Drive frame is welded by robot in tooling fixtures, processed by CNC machines to ensure good accuracy. The drive devices and cages are generic and interchangeable. And, no need to adjust the position of rollers after installation.

 construction hoist drive unit .jpg

III. Cage

3.1. New technology and design

The design is truly modular. Cages and drive frames of same type hoist are interchangeable. Convenient for users to maintain, renew or update. And drive devices and cages run on the racks at the center of mast. Better balance, less shaking and shock.

Rollers of drive devices and cages are non-eccentric. No need to adjust the side position of rollers. Easy installation, and much less installation mistakes which due to lack of skills and experiences of adjusting.

3.2. Materials:

Main channel steel and other main force components are made of Q345 steel. Cage walls are made of galvanised cool rolled steel plate.

3.3. Process:

Welded by robots in tooling fixtures. Processed by CNC machines to ensure very good accuracy. Each mounting hole of rollers on the cages is finely and accurately processed. And spare parts are finely and accurately processed also. So, all components are generic and interchangeable.  

hoist car .jpg  hoist car roof.jpg 

Modular design and fine process cage doors, can be changed or replaced according to projects' needs. New designed counter weight of cage doors will never fall down. And flap type landing doors used as discharge platform are clever design, convenient to use and safe. 

construction hoist car door.jpg