What Are The Main Reasons For Construction Elevator Accidents?

- Sep 20, 2018-

What are the main reasons for construction elevator accidents?

In modern building construction, construction hoist have been widely used due to their advantages of smooth transmission, fast lifting, simple structure and convenient use. However, at present, the safety accidents of various construction elevators are increasing. Today we have summarized their preventive measures. Let's look at it together.

Cause of the accident

Fall arrest safety device failure


The anti-falling safety device is an important safety protection component to ensure the smooth lifting of the construction elevator during the working process and prevent the cage from falling. The safety performance is closely related to the life safety of the occupant. Therefore, when using the anti-fall safety device, it is first necessary to strictly check whether it has a qualified factory test certificate. Secondly, since the qualification test of most anti-falling safety devices is only valid for one year, the anti-fall safety device must be inspected in time during its use. However, in actual use, most of the domestic construction companies are not too concerned about the inspection of the safety device, basically will not be sent according to the regulations, even the performance test of the anti-falling safety device once every three months failed to do Until the safety incident occurs, I realize the seriousness of the problem. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of construction lift safety accidents, it is necessary to pay attention to and do the test and regular inspection of the safety device.

Safety switch failure


The safety switch of the construction elevator includes a top door limit switch, a cage door limit switch, a limit position switch, a fence door limit switch, an upper and lower limit switch, a counterweight anti-break rope protection switch, etc., as long as there is a safety switch function Failures are a safety hazard and can lead to a risk accident or a safety incident.

Wall shelf and standard section connection are invalid


Generally speaking, the operation and construction environment of the construction project are relatively bad. If the installation personnel are not serious in their work attitude, the installation of the connecting bolts of the wall bracket and the standard section is omitted, or the installation is not tight, or the bolts are loose but not checked out. , will lead to a security incident.

Frequent work


In the construction site, in order to meet the construction schedule requirements, the elevators are generally in a frequent working state. This long-term uninterrupted use often causes the motor to heat up and eventually fail, resulting in a safety accident. Therefore, the management staff and drivers of the elevator must take into account the design of the intermittent operation of the motor, and should reasonably dispatch the use of the elevator to maximize the role of the equipment while ensuring safety.

No floor parking safety door


It is necessary to set up the safety guard door on the floor. The relevant building construction regulations require that the height of the protective door must be greater than or equal to 1.8m, and an effective interlocking device must be provided. However, from the current actual construction situation, many construction companies do not pay much attention to the installation and use of the protective doors on the elevator landing floor. The safety protection doors can be opened at will, resulting in frequent safety construction.

Foundation fence does not install interlocking device


In order to save construction costs, some construction enterprises do not install the interlocking device strictly according to the construction regulations under the basic fence of the elevator work. Therefore, if there is a sudden person directly below the elevator cage during operation, serious problems will occur. Stamping safety accident. In addition, accidents beyond the free end height set by the elevator are also prone to accidents.