The Epidemic Prevention Situation Is Also Actively Resumed To Help Economic Recovery

- Feb 10, 2020-

Protect yourself

     From now until the epidemic situation is under control, our company suspends on-site repair services. Enterprise employees do not send out business trips. In principle, non-members of the company are not allowed to visit. In fact, they need to come to the official business. After receiving the application, the epidemic prevention and control After the approval of the team leader, we will carry out relevant travel surveys and temperature measurement in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control regulations of our company. I hope you understand and cooperate.

Second, make a start plan

    Affected by the epidemic situation, traffic control was implemented in many places, and logistics was impacted. In order to avoid inconvenience caused by timeliness of transportation, please arrange procurement and delivery plans in advance. Our company ensures the normal supply of efficient, energy-saving and safe construction elevators.

Third, do a good job of construction lift inspection

   The construction elevator that has been resting for a long time on the construction site must be thoroughly inspected and maintained before resuming use:

   1. Routine maintenance and maintenance of equipment according to the requirements of the "Product Manual";

   2. Check the passage of the hanging cage, and there must be no obstacles;

   3. Check the equipment's enclosing door and hanging cage door electromechanical interlocking device;

   4. Check whether the collision process of the upper and lower stroke switches and limit switches with each bumper is accurate, sensitive and reliable;

  5. Check the effective standard of the anti-fall safety device and carry out anti-fall experiment to ensure that the anti-fall safety device is normal and effective;

  6. Check the oil level of the reducer;

  7. Check the roller and back wheel and other components to ensure that the bolts are firmly connected without looseness and normal clearance;

  8. Check whether the cable is damaged or twisted;

  9, check all power switches and emergency stop switches to ensure that the power is normal;

  10. If the local temperature is low, check the icing of the guide rails and cables. When icing, do not start the construction lift;

  11. Test run up and down during no-load, verify that each safety interlock device operates correctly and protects effectively