Focusing on Speciality, Piloting the Industry with Innovation

- Apr 28, 2019-

Focusing on Speciality, Piloting the Industry with Innovation

Xiamen KANGBO Group was once again awarded 'High-tech Enterprise'

Technology promotes industry creation from ideas

At the steps of seasons changing, every step records the pace of KANGBO's independent innovation and technology research and development;

Time flies over, the KANGBO Group is legendary in creating energy efficient construction elevator;

We are all dream catchers, using the idea of "innovation and practice of the best", with the focus and focus on the ingenuity, creating one innovation after another for the construction lift industry;

Over the years, it has been rated as 'Intellectual Property Pilot Enterprise' and 'National High-Tech Enterprise' for many times.

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development. In 2018, KANGBO Group was once again rated as a 'high-tech enterprise', which means that KANGBO has achieved initial results from the development path of independent innovation that was firmly established at the beginning of its establishment.

In the future, KANGBO Group will keep eyes to the whole world, continue to create a legend in the construction elevator industry with more cutting-edge technological innovation capabilities and consistent dedication.

Focus on speciality always, innovation, leading industry. 

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