Safe Use Of Construction Lifts

- Jul 12, 2017-

1. Construction enterprises must establish and improve the construction of various types of management systems, the implementation of full-time agencies and managers, to identify the safety use and management responsibility system at all levels.

2. The driver of the lift shall be trained by the competent administrative departments to be a qualified full-time officer and be strictly prohibited from the unlicensed operation.

3. Drivers should do a good job of daily inspection, that is, in the elevator each class first run, should be short and full load trial operation.

4. Establish and implement a regular inspection and maintenance system, a weekly or a full inspection of lifts, to detect hidden dangers according to the "three-set" principle to implement rectification. After the rectification of the relevant personnel to confirm compliance with safety requirements, can be used.

5. In the case of the ladder cage, the load should be evenly distributed and the overload should be strictly prohibited.

6. When the elevator runs to the upper and lower floors, it is strictly forbidden to use the collision upper and lower level switch to realize parking.

7. For some reason, the driver leaves the hanging cage and after work, the hanging cage should be lowered to the ground, cut off the total power supply, and lock the box door, to prevent other undocumented personnel to activate the cage without authorization.

8. Wind up to 6 levels, should stop the use of lifts, and to reduce the hanging cage to the ground.

9. Each docking layer must have good protection on both sides of the transporting channel. The floor door should be in a constant state, its height should conform to the standard requirements, no one may open or extend the head outside the door, when the floor door is not closed, the driver may not start the elevator.

10. Ensure that the communication device is intact and the driver should be able to activate the lift after confirming the signal. The driver shall immediately execute any emergency stop signal on the floor of the work.

11. The lifts shall be provided with a separate grounding protection and lightning avoidance installation.

12. It is strictly prohibited to carry on the maintenance work under the elevator operation condition. If need to repair, must cut off the power supply and in the eye-catching place hangs "the person repairs, the prohibition to close" the sign card, and has the person guardianship.