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- Jul 10, 2019-

Wuyifeng High First Mountain,

Kangbo is top notch.

Night product impression Dahongpao,

Sailing must travel Wanlishan

Review the group construction site

 On June 29, 2019, in order to promote the construction of Compaq corporate culture, enrich employees' spare time, increase team cohesion, and improve the company's employee welfare system, the company launched a marketing elite tour tourism activity - "Wuyishan Marketing Elite Team Tour" . Let Xiaobian bring everyone to review the site of the tour!

Entering the mountain

Construction Hoist

Construction Hoist example

A photo into the mountain

 After a three-hour drive to Wuyishan, the first tour of the mountain guide helped everyone to make a good start.

 The natural climate is impermanent, especially in the mountains. The sun in June is particularly dazzling, making it harder for people climbing. However, Compaq's friends are not blocked by the sun. Everyone has an orderly team, and it is necessary to conquer the top of the peak.

   Youfeng is located in the middle of the scenic spot. It is only over 400 meters above sea level. It is not high, but it is extremely dangerous. The side wall stands for a thousand miles. It seems to be opened by the sword from top to bottom. It is a smooth fan. It is said that the TV series "Journey to the West" It is recorded in the framing section of the film. The steps are built along the ridge. People walk on the bare rocks and look down. For those who have fear of heights, this is definitely a great challenge! Compaq colleagues are encouraged to move forward and in tandem. Pumping up, shoulder to shoulder, facing the difficulties, bravely forward, finally finally conquered the first mountain of Wuyi!

First summit of Wuyi





     Impression Dahongpao was created by the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou. The circular large stage is surrounded by mountains, flowing water and forests. The surrounding layers are stacked, flowing water, trees are green, plus lights, music, giving you hearing, visual absolute impact and shock! It’s amazing!

Night product impression Dahongpao




Sailing tour

Nine songs and eighteen bends


Travel memoryMemories of Travel

     The perfect combination of mountains and water is the most prominent feature of the Jiuqu River tourist route. The twists and turns of the Jiuqu Xitan Tan are in the wrong way, running through the Danxia peaks. Like the jade belt wearing pearls, the Qifeng, the strange rock and the interesting stone are integrated into one, which constitutes the clear water of the Ququ Mountain, the peak and the peak water. Danshan scenery. The mountains are not high and there is a mountain of high spirits. The water is not deep in the waterscape, and it is like a beautiful landscape gallery. Compaq's friends took a bamboo boat in the Eighteenth Bend of Wuyi Mountain, leaving this beautiful silhouette in everyone's heart.

     This group tour also came to an end. This company's activities are not only about photos, memories, but also the affirmation of our work, the yearning for a better life, let us focus more on the current work, for the splendid Work hard tomorrow.