Maintenance And Repair Of Construction Hoist

- Jul 12, 2017-

Daily inspection

A, check all parts of the bolt is complete, there is no loosening phenomenon;

b, check the upper and lower level switch, the reliability of the upper and lower limit switch;

c, check each door, broken rope and other switch movements are normal;

Weekly inspection

A, check the construction elevator hanging cage wheel guide clearance and fastening situation;

b, check the lubrication situation, timely replenishment of new oil;

c, check the control cable alignment device;

D. Check all the connecting points and fastening bolts of the standard section and the attached wall;

E, check the roller fixed condition of counterweight block and the balance force of the wire rope;

F, check the cable has no breakage;

Monthly inspection

A, check the hanging cage and traction wire rope wear;

b, check the electrical mechanism of the power moment (according to the motor specification requirements);

C, check the safety movement is flexible;