Main Technical Characteristics Of Inclined Construction Hoist

- Jul 12, 2017-

Tilt-type construction hoist to adapt to bridge, chimney and other sloping construction needs, it according to the structure of the building, the guide rail rack to install, while the hanging cage to maintain the level, along the Tilt Guide frame running up and down;

The guideway frame can be installed in the dip range of 12° below (more than 12° need to be customized);

No on the heavy system, easy to operate, easy to install and disassembly;

The design of hanging cage, guideway frame and attached wall system is analyzed by computer finite element method, and the structure is in good condition.

Two-drive cage, high efficiency transmission, start-up, braking smooth and reliable;

Set 10 safety limit and adopt single gear safety, high safety;

Adopt a new type of cable traction, and is equipped with a dense cable protection frame, the cable is more reliable;

Maximum erection height of 150 meters, the use of heavy-duty standard section, can be increased to 250 meters;

The main electrical control components using imported parts, high reliability.