Main Features Of Construction Hoist

- Jul 12, 2017-

High safety factor

The design of the bar without rack in the top section of the standard section ensures that the hanging cage does not fall, the limit and limit switch and the installation of the safety device are more guarantee for the safety of the construction staff.

Drive System

Reduce the noise in the cage, so that the increase in the clearance of the cage, but also make the transmission more stable, less vibration mechanism.

Convenient and multi-use

On the basis of traditional construction hoist, the steel conveying device and concrete conveying device are added, which can transport steel, concrete and construction personnel, and greatly improve the construction efficiency; optional stepless variable frequency speed control system with advanced performance can make the elevator can realize 0~96m/min stepless speed regulation and run smoothly without impact

Attachment system

Multi-Change attachment system enables the machine to be used in complex and changeable buildings.