KANGBO Rack Hoists Shown at China Construction site

- Oct 09, 2017-

In late september, at the Demonstration and Learning Meeting held by China Construction at one of its construction site in Xiamen, KANGBO construction equipment including construction hoists, self climb scaffold, as the advanced and top quality construction equipments which meet the request of China Construction, were shown to the builders came from south China. 

China Construction show 1.jpg 

The builders gave a high appraisal of KANGBO construction equipments, especially the rack and pinion construction lifts. The 3 doors construction elevators interested the builders. They said, the rack and pinion lifts with side door can solve the problem of transporting big and extremely heavy materials, and the efficiency will be much high than common man and material hoists. 

China Construction show 3.jpg 

And the smooth operating and quality of KANGBO passenger/material hoists at the site made a deep impression on them.

China Construction show 2.jpg