KANGBO Group Passed The Certification Of Intellectual Property Management System

- Dec 26, 2018-

Another upgrade from Zhichuang to Zhixiang

Kangbo Group has firmly adhered to the road of R&D and creation since its establishment. Over the years, Kangbo  has listed scientific research as the top priority of its development, and has also achieved fruitful results. There are more than 100 patents and dozens of trademarks. He has been rated as “National High-tech Enterprise” for many times.

intellectual property rights

Another upgrade from Zhichuang to Zhixiang

While the strength of the innovation and research and development of the Kangbo  Group is constantly strengthening, we also see that we are still lacking in the awareness of intellectual property risk prevention, the awareness of protection, and the optimization of the management mechanism of the intellectual property system.

Intellectual property management system training

Another upgrade from Zhichuang to Zhixiang

In order to establish a standard system for enterprise intellectual property work, we will conscientiously implement the Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy, further strengthen the creation, use, management and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises, enhance the capacity for independent innovation, and realize the scientific management and strategic use of intellectual property rights. Improve the competitiveness of international and domestic markets.

   In March 2018, Kangbo launched the heads of various departments of the whole plant and signed the “Intellectual Property System Introduction” project of the department accountability system.

Review site

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Another upgrade from Zhichuang to Zhixiang

In the process of compliance, the Kangbo  Group has defined the intellectual property management policy and management objectives, and established the intellectual property management system and responsibilities.

Around the enterprise production, procurement, sales, finance, human resources, etc. in the production and management of the enterprise have carried out the introduction of intellectual property management.

Four key links around the creation, management, application and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises. The normative requirements of enterprises in the creation and acquisition of intellectual property rights, rights management, rights use and rights protection are clearly defined.

Intellectual property management system certificate

Another upgrade from Zhichuang to Zhixiang

After the start-up, training, internal audit and repeated revision and study, I finally received the on-site assessment and acceptance of professional organizations in October this year, and obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification"!