Installation And Demolition Of Construction Hoist

- Jul 12, 2017-

1. Before each installation and demolition operation of the construction hoist, the enterprise shall, according to the working environment of the construction site and the auxiliary equipment, prepare the installation and disassembly plan, which can be implemented after the approval of the enterprise technical person.

2. Before each installation or demolition operations, the operator should be in accordance with the different types of work and the contents of the detailed technical, safe disclosure of personnel involved in the demolition operation must have a special qualification certificate.

3. After each installation of the lift, the construction enterprise shall organize the relevant functional departments and professionals to carry out the necessary tests and acceptance of the lifts. After the confirmation should be qualified to the local construction administrative departments identified by the detection of the organization to declare, after the professional testing institutions qualified, can be formally put into use.

4. Installation work should be strictly installed in advance to establish the installation plan and construction process requirements, the installation process has a unified command, the warning area, and a person to monitor.

5. Installation and demolition work should be done during the day, in inclement weather should stop operation.

6. The operator shall fasten the safety belt according to the requirements of the high work.

7. The demolition of objects is strictly prohibited from the height of the downward thrown.