Fight Against The Epidemic

- Feb 13, 2020-

Protecting yourself is protecting the world

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   The epidemic is coming fast. All we can do is believe in science, try not to go out, do not gather people, do not make rumors, do not spread rumors, wait for the spring to return to the earth and fight off the disease.

     Prevent ten million pieces, the first mask;

     People squeeze me away, the virus stays away from you;

     Wash your hands frequently, far better than grab medicine;

     Ventilation should be timely, and the disease will spread with the wind;

     Game is bound to resist, and health often follows.

Two safe and healthy, usher in more together

     May the epidemic recede as soon as possible

     Wish the patient a quick recovery

     May the Chengdu earthquake area be safe


        May the motherland be healthy and strong

    We believe that in the near future, not only will spring come as promised, but you who are safe after the epidemic, let us meet the future journey, work hard together, and strive to create new glory!