Construction Hoist Slide Contact Line For Japanese Market

- Nov 14, 2018-

Construction Hoist Slide Contact Line for Japanese market    

Japanese engineering giant helps us on the  Slide Contact Line that specially for construction hoists.

constructiion lift testing slide contact line

After two years of successful testing in Japan, the sliding contact Line produced by our company for construction lifts were finally approved by the large Japanese construction company, Takenaka Corporation, and the product instructions were published on their website.

slide contact for hoist

While promoting Sliding Contact Line for construction elevators in Japan, we actively cooperated with Takenaka in 2016 to develop a new type of Sliding Contact Line for Japan, and planned to achieve mass production by the end of 2018.

slide contact line for lifts

Takenaka Corporation is one of the top five construction engineering companies in Japan. The successful test of this product lays a solid foundation for the application and promotion of Sliding Contact Line technology in the rack and pinion lift industry in Japan in the future.