The Difference Between Construction Hoist And Construction Elevators

- Aug 15, 2018-

The difference between construction elevators and construction elevators

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Construction elevators are generally referred to as engineering construction elevators, but Construction Hoist include a broader definition and construction methods are also attributed to the Construction Hoist series. The simple construction elevator is composed of car, drive arrangement, standard section, attached wall, chassis, fence, electrical system, etc. It is a manned cargo construction machine often used in buildings, due to its cabinet structure. It is comfortable and comfortable to ride. The construction elevators are generally used in collaboration on the construction site. The general load is 1-5 tons and the working speed is 1-60M/min.

The Construction Hoist is also called the construction elevator. It is a manned cargo construction machine often used in buildings. Because of its box structure, it is comfortable and safe to ride. The construction elevator is generally used as a cooperative tower crane on the construction site. The load capacity is 1-3 tons and the working speed is 1-60M/min. There are many types of Construction Hoist. There are two types of construction methods: counterweight and counterweight. According to their control methods, they are divided into manual control and active control. The frequency conversion equipment and the PLC control module can also be added as needed, and the floor call equipment and the layer equipment can be added. The construction principle and characteristics of the construction elevator: the construction elevator is the need of inclined building construction such as custom bridges and chimneys. According to the shape of the building, the rail frame is tilted, and the cage is horizontal and works up and down along the inclined rail frame.