Conquer The Epidemic!

- Feb 04, 2020-

Wuhan refueling · China refueling


Compaq prays for the blight to end soon

  A sudden new coronavirus epidemic made the 2020 Chinese New Year unique, and it made the entire Chinese people exceptionally firm and united. No matter where we are, we all call together, "Come on in Wuhan! Come on in China! ".

    In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, Compaq Group actively responded to the government's call to implement resumption measures during the epidemic period such as on-the-job and non-work, electronic office is always online, network services are not interrupted, and intelligent manufacturing is better.

      Compaq Group provides online customer service, WeChat public account, WeChat mall, Compaq Mall, 400 customer service hotline, telephone, WeChat, email and other channels for 24 hours without dropping services, equipment consulting, remote after-sales guidance, accessories purchase, delivery plan , Contract signing, etc. let you stay at home and enjoy safe and worry-free services.

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      Compaq WeChat public account: kangbo_cckb

      Compaq Service Hotline: 400--101--2008

     Compaq's customer service directors, customer service specialists and customer service managers have all arrived, and we look forward to your inquiry!