China International Exhibition And Technical Exchange Of Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery And Mining Machinery (BICES 2019)

- Apr 12, 2019-

15th China International Exhibition and Technical Exchange of Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery (BICES 2019)

Theme: Connecting Intelligently the World, Painting Green the Future

Exhibition time: 4-7 September 2019

Exhibition venue: China International Exhibition Center New Pavilion, Beijing, China

BICES 2019 will fully display new products, new technologies, new materials and customer-oriented solutions in the fields of Engineering construction, building materials, mines, commercial vehicles and emergency equipment. It is a good opportunity for you to discover and explore the market and opportunities. 

The exhibition includes the following fields:

1. Construction Nachinery

Excavation Machinery | Excavation and Transportation Machinery | Lifting Machinery | Industrial Vehicle | Compaction Machinery | Pavement Construction and Maintenance Machinery | Concrete Machinery | Excavation Machinery | Pile Machinery | Municipal and Sanitation Machinery | Concrete Products Machinery | Altitude Work Machinery | Decoration Machinery | Reinforcement and Prestressing Machinery | Rock Drilling Machinery Moving Tool | Military Construction Machinery | Garden Machinery | Other Special Construction Machinery

2. Building Material Machinery

Cement Machinery | Cement Products Machinery | Glass Fiber Machinery | Building Sanitary Ceramic Machinery Wall and Roof Material Machinery | New Building Material Machinery | Non-metallic Mine Machinery | Stone Machinery Building Material Instrument | Other Building Material Machinery

3. Mining Machinery

Mining equipment, mining rigs and accessories | open-pit equipment | crushing equipment | grinding equipment | ore dressing equipment feeding equipment | conveying equipment | screening equipment | lifting storage equipment | complete sets of mine machinery safety protection and monitoring equipment, support, hydraulic machinery | mining electrical equipment | drilling detection equipment mining pumps | mining machinery Equipment fittings

China International Exhibition and Technical Exchange of Construction Machinery 

 China (Beijing) International Exhibition Construction Machinery  

BICES 2019 location