Accident Hidden Trouble In Installation And Demolition Of Construction Hoist

- Jul 12, 2017-

① the installation and demolition of the construction hoist to the team or individual without corresponding qualification;

② not according to the construction of lift demolition plan construction or no installation and demolition program, even if there is no pertinence, and lack of necessary approval procedures, disassembly process also no person unified command;

③ construction Hoist After completion of installation work is put into use, do not perform the relevant acceptance formalities and necessary test procedures, and even not to the local construction administrative departments designated by the professional testing institutions to declare detection, resulting in mechanical, electrical failure and various types of accidents;

④ loading and tear personnel without professional training that is, induction work;

⑤ loading and unloading before the operation of detailed, targeted security technology to explain, the operation and lack of necessary monitoring measures, on-site illegal operation can be seen everywhere, very prone to high places fall, falling objects and other major accidents.