2018 BAUMA China

- Nov 28, 2018-

Exhibition criteria

Construction machinery

1.1 Construction vehicles

1.2 Earthmoving machinery

1.3 Lifting and transport equipment

1.4 Construction equipment, tools and special systems

1.5 Processing and treatment of concrete and mortar at the construction site

1.6 Road construction and maintenance equipment

1.7 Site facilities

1.8 Pipe and Cable Laying Equipment and Tools

2. Mining machinery, raw material mining and processing

2.1 Raw material mining equipment

2.2 Raw material processing equipment

2.3 Mineral processing equipment (including: coke oven equipment)

3. Building materials machinery

3.1 Complete sets of equipment and machinery for building components based on cement, lime and gypsum

3.2 Production equipment for concrete, concrete products and prefabricated components

3.3 Asphalt production machinery and equipment

3.4 Dry mortar, mortar, mortar, building materials, supermarket production equipment

3.5 Lime sandstone and production equipment for the production of building materials from power plant ash waste

3.6 Building material handling and packaging (in the factory)

4. Distribution kits and service providers

4.1 Transmission engineering, fluid technology, and generator sets

4.2 Accessories and wear parts

4.3 Service

4.4 Testing equipment, control systems and software

4.5 Communication and Navigation

4.6 Construction safety

The modular and standardized system of the Kongbo building hoist provides flexibility, efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, making it the best choice for construction and rental companies. We look forward to seeing you at the scene!