Working principle of construction hoist greasing machine?

- Jul 30, 2018-

What is the working principle and structure of construction hoist greasing machine

 (Ⅰ) Working principle of pump 

1, Structure of man-lift greasing machine

The JD-012 Construction Elevator Electric Greasing Machine consist of motor, reducer, high pressure pump, greasing pipe, high-pressure hose, lubricant separator, storage tank and other components. 

2, Principe of rack pinion hoist greasing machine 

The motor (7) and reducer (15) drives the eccentric wheel (14) to run the piston (4) moving back and forth, to inhale and exhale the lubricant with high pressure.     

 (Ⅱ) Greasing pipeline 

The greasing pipeline and nozzle is the necessary parts for lubricating construction lifts mast section pipes and racks. The lubricant is pumped through high pressure hose to the greasing pipe, and then, inject to the hoist mast section pipes and racks uniformly by the nozzles.

 (Ⅲ) High pressure hose 

High pressure hose connects the tank and lubricant separator for transmission of lubricant. It is made of oil resistant rubber reinfored in the middle layer by steel wire woven, can withstand high pressure of 30 MPa.

 (Ⅳ) Storage tank of construction hoist greasing machine 

It can store 15kg grease and there is grease pushing device inside. The springs press the rubber plate to push the lubricant automatically flowing to the high pressure pump, to supplement the lubricant that pumped out of.