What is Man and Material Lift or Builder Hoist?

- Jun 19, 2018-

What is Passenger and Material Hoist

Construction hoist, also known as hoists, Man-Lift, Buckhoist, temporary elevator, builder hoist, passenger hoist or construction elevator, buckles, temporary lifts, temporary elevators, passenger lifts or building lifts, such elevators are usually used in large construction projects, such as high-rise buildings or large hospitals. There are many other uses for building elevators. Many other industries use builder hoists for full time work, the purpose of which is to quickly transport personnel, materials and equipment between the ground and the upper floors, or between the floors in the middle of the building. There are three types:  transporting tools and materials,  transporting  personnel, or  transporting  both of them. 

Construction elevators are made up of one or two cars (cages), which move vertically along the stacked mast. The mast is installed beside the building, and are attached to the building structure by tie-ins every 9 meter or 6 meters to increase stability. In order to accurately control the running along the mast, the modern building hoist uses a rack and pinion system that can climb the mast at a different speed.

China is becoming the main manufacturer of cranes in Asia.

In the China and abroad, general contractors and various other industrial markets hire cranes for specific projects. The leasing company or leasing company provides installation, dismantling and maintenance services to its lifts, providing turnkey services to the general contractor. In addition, the leasing company can also provide parts and services for the elevator under the contract.

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