What are the types of construction lifts

- Aug 10, 2018-

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What are the types of construction lifts?

The construction elevator is also called the construction elevator. It is a manned cargo construction machine often used in buildings. Due to its unique box structure, it is comfortable and safe to ride. The construction elevator is usually used with the tower crane on the construction site. The load capacity is 1-3 tons and the running speed is 1-60M/min.

There are many types of construction elevators. 

There are two types of construction elevators: counterweight and without counterweight. 

According to their control methods, they are divided into manual control and automatic control. 

The frequency conversion device and the PLC control module can also be added as needed, and a floor call device and a floor device can be added. 

Most of the currently used on the market is non-weight-receiving. The drive system is placed above the top of the cage to reduce the noise inside the cage and increase the clearance in the cage. At the same time, the transmission is more stable and the vibration of the mechanism is smaller. The redesign simplifies the installation process; the counterweight construction elevator runs more smoothly and is more energy-efficient, but due to its one-day pulley structure, it will be more troublesome when installing the knot, so the counterweight has gradually withdrawn from the market. 

In order to facilitate the control of the construction elevator and its intelligent construction, the elevator can also be installed with the frequency converter, which is energy-saving and stepless speed regulation, which makes the operation more stable and more comfortable to ride. The construction elevator with the installation of the leveling device can control more. The convenient and more accurate docking on the floor that needs to be docked; the installation floor call device can make the information flow more convenient to use, and also makes the management more convenient.