What are the hidden dangers of construction lifts?

- Nov 07, 2018-

What are the hidden dangers of construction lifts?

Construction lifts are a highly dangerous device that can easily lead to major casualties.

1. Installation and disassembly of construction lifts:

1 The assembly and disassembly work of the construction elevator shall be contracted to the team or individual without corresponding loading and unloading qualification;

2. It is not according to the construction elevator installation and disassembly plan construction or there is no installation and disassembly plan at all, even if there are plans, it is not targeted, and lacks the necessary approval procedures, and there is no unified command in the disassembly and assembly process;

3. After the construction lift is completed, it will be put into use, failing to perform the relevant inspection procedures and necessary test procedures, and even failing to report to the professional inspection agency designated by the local construction administrative department, resulting in mechanical and electrical failures and various accidents;

4 .The assembly and disassembly personnel are on the job without professional training;

5. Before the assembly and disassembly work, detailed and targeted safety technology was not provided, and the necessary monitoring measures were lacking during the operation. The illegal operation on the spot was everywhere, and it was easy to cause major accidents such as falling from high places and falling objects.

2. The safety device is improperly installed or even not installed, so that the safety device fails when the cage fails during operation.

3. The floor door setting does not meet the requirements, and the net height of the landing door is low, so that some transport personnel stick out their heads and observe the operation of the cage. The cage that just falls down catches the head and even cuts off a serious casualty accident. Some floor doors can be opened from the floor, making the passage opening a dangerous front edge, causing people to fall or material fall and injury.

4. The driver of the construction lift did not turn off the power when the driver was on duty or the driver left the cab, so that the undocumented personnel had the opportunity to start the lift without authorization. In the event of an unexpected situation, I was overwhelmed and caused an accident.

5. The number of personnel and material weight are not controlled according to the rated load of the elevator, so that the elevator is in the state of overload operation for a long time, which causes the deformation of the cage and other stressed components, which brings serious safety hazards to the safe operation of the elevator.

6. The weight is not configured in time according to the design requirements, and the rated load is not halved, which is not conducive to the safe operation of the elevator.

7. The speed limiter fails to perform the drop test once every 3 months. Once the cage is stalled, the speed limiter failure will have serious consequences.

In addition, the metal structure and the electrical metal casing are not grounded or the grounding does not meet the safety requirements, the safety factor of the wire rope for hanging the weight is less than 8 times, the phase sequence of the electrical device is not set, and the power failure protector is common in the construction elevator. The accident is common.

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