What are the functions of construction lifts

- Nov 13, 2018-

What are the functions of construction lifts?

The construction elevator is also called the construction elevator for construction. It can also be an outdoor elevator and a lifting cage at the construction site. Work elevators are mainly used in various types of buildings in urban high-rises and super-high-rise buildings, because such building heights are very difficult to use to complete the work using derricks and gantry. [1] It is a manned cargo construction machine frequently used in buildings. It is mainly used for the construction of interior and exterior decoration, bridges, chimneys and other buildings of high-rise buildings. Thanks to its unique cabinet structure, the construction crew is comfortable and safe to ride. Construction lifts are usually used in conjunction with tower cranes on the construction site. The general construction lift has a load capacity of 1-10 tons and an operating speed of 1-60 m/min.

There are many types of construction elevators, which are divided into two types according to the operation mode: no counterweight and counterweight; according to the control mode, they are divided into manual control and automatic control. The frequency conversion device and the PLC control module can also be added according to actual needs, and a floor call device and a floor device can also be added.