Use points of construction elevators

- Dec 25, 2018-

1) Lifting machine attachment mode, plane position and steel pipe frame and other bridge platform load check calculations should be compiled into the construction organization design.

 2) Most of the lifts are direct load start of the squirrel cage asynchronous motor, the starting current is large, and the power terminal wire diameter should be no less than 16mm2 copper wire. The power distribution box must not be shared with other equipment, and a leakage protector must be installed in the box. The elevator rail derrick must be connected to a group of lightning protection grounding lines of not more than 4 Ω, and no lightning rods may be installed.

 3) The lift should be driven by double drive and friction type speed limiter. The rated power should be no less than 14kw, which is close to the reasonable parameters necessary for the peak operation of the lift. More importantly, the two independent drive systems can be prevented from meshing with the rack. The crash occurred due to broken shaft and tooth removal.

4) Before the disassembly and assembly work, the transmission system of the light crane hoist crane cantilever crane, the terminal gear and the rack meshing clearance must be tested and debugged; the fasteners of each part of the guide rail are fastened; the speed limiter and the limit switches of each part are tested. Electrical wiring should be debugged sensitive and reliable.

5) The calculated value of the vertical deviation of the guide derrick is 1/1000. However, considering the installation process conditions, the tolerance data can be adjusted in the local height according to the following table.

heavy duty gear pinion rack hoist