Types and applications of construction lifts

- May 14, 2019-

1. The fixed lift is a kind of lifting machine with good lifting stability. The wide range of cargo lifting equipment is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the production line height difference; the material is on the line and the lower line; the height of the workpiece is adjusted during the assembly of the workpiece; Feeding at the feeding machine; lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; loading and unloading of large-scale machine tools; loading and unloading places with forklifts and other transportation vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods. According to the requirements of use, the accessory device can be configured to perform any combination, such as the safety protection device of the fixed elevator; the electrical control mode; the working platform form; the power form. The right choice of various configurations maximizes the function of the lift for optimum results. Optional configurations for stationary lifts include manual hydraulic power, movable flaps for easy access to surrounding facilities, rolling or motorized roller tables, secure contact strips for foot protection, organ-type safety guards, man-made or motorized rotary tables , hydraulic turning table, safety support rod to prevent the elevator from falling, stainless steel safety net, electric or hydraulic lift running power system, universal ball table.

2. Vehicle-mounted elevators Vehicle-mounted elevators are used to improve the mobility of the elevators. The elevators are fixed on battery trucks or trucks. It picks up the power of the engine and realizes the lifting function of the truck-mounted elevators. To adapt to the high-altitude operations inside and outside the plant. It is widely used in high-altitude operations in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses, etc. It can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting and advertising.

3, hydraulic lift hydraulic lift is widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other industrial enterprises and production lines, to meet the lifting needs of different working heights, and can be equipped with various types of countertops (such as balls , drum, turntable, steering, tilting, telescopic), with various control methods (transfer, linkage, explosion-proof), with the characteristics of stable and accurate lifting, frequent starting, heavy load, etc., effectively solve various types of lifting operations in industrial enterprises Difficulties make production operations easy.

4. The articulated arm lift type crank-type aerial work lift truck can overhang work, cross certain obstacles or carry out multiple operations in one place; the platform has a large load capacity and can be used for two or more people at the same time. Certain equipment; the lifting platform has good mobility, convenient transfer site; beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. It is suitable for a wide range of operations such as stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines.

5. Set-cylinder hydraulic lift The set-cylinder hydraulic lift is a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder that rises upright, the hydraulic cylinder has high strength material and good mechanical properties, and the tower-shaped ladder-shaped cage makes the elevator have higher stability. Even at 20 meters, you can feel its superior smooth performance. Applicable occasions: Main uses of factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc.: installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, elevated pipelines, high-altitude cleaning, etc.

6. Rail-type elevator rail-type elevator is a non-cut-fork hydraulic lifting platform. It is suitable for the transmission of goods between two or three-story industrial plants, restaurants and restaurants. The lowest height of the countertop is 150-300mm, which is most suitable for excavation. The work place of the pit is installed and used. The platform does not need the upper lifting point, and the form is diverse (single column, double column, four column), the operation is stable, the operation is simple and reliable, and the cargo transmission between floors is economical and convenient.