Common faults and troubleshooting measures for construction lifts

- Oct 10, 2018-

Common faults and troubleshooting measures for construction lifts

The cage cannot be started when the construction lift is empty

cause of issue:

(1) The elevator limit or limit switch is not working properly;

(2) The lack of phase of the cage;

(3) The electric lock is not opened or the emergency stop switch is not turned out;

(4) The thermal relay normally closed contact is disconnected or the motor brake is not separated.


(1) Check the guardrail door, skylight, and single limit to ensure sensitivity; check the integrity of the switch and contacts;

(2) Turn on the power to eliminate the cause of the lack of phase;

(3) Open the electric lock or unscrew the emergency stop switch;

(4) Adjust the component setting value;

(5) Test the DC voltage of the brake coil.

Abnormal vibration when the cage is running

cause of issue:

(1) The roller bolts are loose; the gear and the rack meshing clearance are too large, and the lubricating oil is lacking;

(2) The step of the standard tube joint is large;

(3) The roller bolts are loose.


(1) tighten the bolts, re-adjust the gap between the rack and pinion, and replenish the lubricating oil;

(2) Adjust the butt step and tighten the bolts.

Lift control fuse blown

cause of issue:

(1) Short circuit of electromechanical equipment and grounding of equipment;

(2) Some equipment is grounded and overloaded.


(1) Repair and replace cables, limit switches, etc.;

(2) Ensure that the equipment is not overloaded; check for leaks near the junction box and correct wiring of the equipment.

Unreasonable heating of the motor

cause of issue:

(1) Three-phase motor imbalance;

(2) The motor starts to turn off too frequently;

(3) The overload operation time is too long;

(4) poor lubrication;

(5) The brake action is not synchronized.


(1) Replace or repair the motor;

(2) Formulating the use plan, prohibiting random opening and closing;

(3) It is strictly forbidden to operate overload;

(4) Add lubricant to gears, chains, etc.;

(5) Set the power supply voltage according to the elevator nameplate.

The above lists the common safety hazards of construction elevators for construction. I hope that all elevator construction units will pay attention to construction safety and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.