The development course of building lifts

- Jul 12, 2017-

Ancient China and European countries have LU and other tools to transport people and goods vertically. Modern lifts were the product of the invention of the 19th century steam engine. In 1845, the first hydraulic lift was born, which was visualized as the prototype of the building hoist. In 1853, American (Elisha Otis) invented an automatic safety device that greatly improved the safety of cable traction lifts. With the development of China's construction industry, the use of building lifts has been widely accepted and developed rapidly. The initial lift was driven by a steam engine, so the construction site used it must be fitted with a boiler room. In 1880, the German Siemens invented the use of electric power lifts, since then the veritable construction elevator officially appeared.

The first city in China to use lifts in the construction industry is Shanghai. In 1907, the six-storey hotel in the public concession building first used construction lifts, and the earliest commercial lifts in Taiwan appeared in the Japanese rule in the 1932. The same year the opening of the Taipei Chrysanthemum Yuan department store, Tainan Lin department stores are equipped with, when the flow cage (Minnan language: LIÛ-l&ocirc, Ng), and Lin department stores have been designated as historical buildings, its lifts still exist.