Service life of the construction hoist

- Sep 06, 2018-

Service life of the construction hoist

The construction elevator is a high-efficiency vertical transportation construction machine that uses the gear meshing method or the wire rope lifting method to make the cage move vertically or obliquely to transport the personnel and materials in layers. The structure is light and smooth, and the performance is stable and easy to assemble and disassemble. The utility model has the characteristics of flexible lifting, high lifting capacity and strong carrying capacity, and is widely used in construction and maintenance.

The development of construction elevators is at a peak, as most manufacturers or individuals have chosen more multi-storey buildings in order to improve the utilization of the site, and thus a device is needed to facilitate the lifting of the descending cargo. Due to the high cost of the ordinary elevator and the low carrying capacity, it is not suitable for loading goods of several tens of tons or hundreds of tons, so the construction of auxiliary elevators with high carrying capacity and cargo transportation have been developed. The construction elevator is safe and has a large load capacity, and the maintenance is convenient, which makes the special industry develop faster.

However, in the rapid development, we still need to put safety first, because only the "safety first" can be truly implemented, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and the smooth progress of the project. Among the many safety factors, the service life of construction elevators is also one of the key factors.

In principle, the service life of the construction elevator is 8 years;

However, there are also scrapping requirements for the standard section within 8 years. The wall thickness of the standard section column is worn to 1/4 of the design wall thickness (as if it is this value) to be scrapped or degraded.

Eight years later, the construction construction hoist can also be used, but the structural parts need to be inspected, and the flaw detection can continue to be used;

The anti-fall safety device of the construction elevator is required to be tested every year and scrapped for five years.