SC Construction Elevator, Hoist or Man-Lift Principle

- Jul 03, 2018-

Principle of Construction Elevator, Hoist or Man-Lift  

SC type construction elevators, also known as outdoor elevator, construction hoist, hoists, Man-Lift, Buckhoist, temporary elevator, builder hoist, passenger hoist, rack and pinion elevator, buckles, temporary lifts, temporary elevators, passenger lifts or building lifts, are usually used in large construction projects, such as high-rise houses, commercial centre or chimney. 

The elevator is composed of mast, cage (car), drive device, and ground enclosure. 

The cage with and safety facility, which is loaded with the persons or materials, driven by the  drive device, goes up and down along the mast sections that settled on the base and foundation and attached to the building by anchors (tie-in), and stops at the layers of building to be reached accordingly to achieve the vertical traffic of persons and materials safely and quickly. 

It is applicable to the construction of the engineering such as high-rise buildings, TV tower, bridge, water tower, power station and chimney, etc.. It is the efficient construction equipment of vertically transporting the materials and personnel. Also, it can be used for different occasions, such as warehouse and high tower, as the permanent or semi-permanent external elevator. 

With its convenient and reliable protective performance in vertical transportation of passengers and materials to different working layers of the high-rise building construction, the construction hoist has obvious advantage and be irreplaceable, compare with tower crane or other hoisting equipments. 

Moreover, with the stable performance, convenient and high efficient usage, easy assembly / disassembly and maintenance, removal, relatively low price, the construction hoists are more and more popular. 

builders hoist.png