Safety Requirements for Scaffold

- Jul 12, 2017-

1. The erection of high-rise scaffolding, the use of various materials must meet the quality requirements.

2. High-rise scaffold Foundation must be firm, before the erection of the calculation, to meet the load requirements, and according to the construction code set up, to do a good drainage measures.

3. Scaffold Erection Technical requirements should conform to the relevant norms.

4. It is necessary to attach great importance to various structural measures: scissors support, pull knot points, etc. should be set according to requirements.

5. Horizontal closure: From the first step, every step or two steps, full of foot hand or foot of the hands of the foot, the feet along the long laying, joints should be overlapped on the small bar, the short plate is strictly prohibited. And every four steps between the shaft and the wall to lay the safety of the end of the long.

6. Vertical closure: From the second step to the fifth step, each step is required to set the external bar in the side of the 1.00m High protection-like railings and retaining boards or set up nets, the guard rod (net) is fastened with the upright pole; step fifth above, except for the protection bar, all safety and safety nets should be set up, and in the street or densely populated areas, safety or safety nets shall be provided on the outside.

7. Scaffold erection should be higher than the top of the building or operating surface of 1.5m above, and add enclosure.

8. The erection of the scaffold of the steel pipe, fastener, foot and connection points, etc. shall not be removed arbitrarily. When necessary in the construction, must be agreed by the site owner, and take effective measures, the process is completed, immediately resumed.

9. Before the scaffold is used, the inspection and acceptance shall be organized by the site leader, and the inspection and acceptance will be completed. In the construction process should be professional management, inspection and maintenance, and regular settlement observation, found that abnormal should be timely reinforcement measures.

10. Scaffold Demolition, should first check the connection with the building, and the scaffold on the remaining materials, sundries, such as clean, top-down, according to the first installed after demolition, after the first demolition of the order, the demolition of the material should be unified downward transmission or lifting to the ground, a step to clear. Do not use step-by-step method, no downward throw or push (pull) down the method of demolition.

11. The scaffolding should be set up to guard the area and send a guard. The scaffolding should be stopped in case of strong winds and severe weather above six.

12. The foundation of the requirements, the foundation of uneven, please use the foot of the base to achieve balance. The foundation must have the ability to withstand the scaffolding and working pressure.

13. Staff building and High-altitude work must be equipped with seat belts, the work area around the installation of safety nets, to prevent heavy objects fall, hurt others.

14. Scaffold components, accessories in the transport, custody process is strictly prohibited from falling, bumping, when the lap, disassembly, strictly prohibited from high place, demolition should be done in order.

15. Use the process to pay attention to safety, strictly prohibit playing on the shelves, to prevent accidents.

16. While the work is important, safety and life are more important, please be sure to keep this in mind.