Safety measures on landing storey of construction elevators

- Aug 01, 2018-

Safety measures and request on landing storey of construction elevators 

Safety measures on landing storey:

The protective devices on the top of the entrance to the landing storey of construction elevators should be installed to prevent dropping materials.

The scaffold and other channels and platforms near the outdoor elevator landing entrance should be equipped with fences pursuant to local regulations of safety.

Lighting of landing storey:  

The illuminance on the landing storey should be ≥ 50 Lux. If the construction elevator lighting is insufficient, it is necessary to provide the sufficient site lighting for all landing storey in the height of the outdoor elevator.

Installation of landing storey:

The landing storey of field assembly must be equipped with the safety fences and toe protecting devices, and should conform to the local regulations of safety.

The bearing capacity of every landing storey must meet the maximum load of the hoist.