Operating Procedures for lifts

- Jul 12, 2017-

1. To support the lifting platform operation of the important preparatory work, should choose a flat surface, such as the foundation soft or uneven, need to do the appropriate treatment of the rear can work.

2. In the lifting platform in the process of rotation, must be in the next arm lifting height before the rotation, slowly rotating, and the shear arm and a platform, the range of equipment to meet the safety requirements. Where any State or industry regulation is inconsistent, by country or by industry

3. Working platform operators should wear seat belts, live in the field of work, should be in accordance with the provisions of the ground lifting platform, lifting operations should be directed by the person in charge.

4. The power system of the lift does not start, so it is common that the most obvious switch is not started, which is a problem that many people overlook.

5. The screw is too loose or too tight, this problem is generally not how to be found, but there is a great safety problem, so in the daily use of lifts, we must pay attention to safety.