Maintenance and maintenance of construction lifts

- Sep 11, 2018-

Maintenance and maintenance of construction lifts

Construction lift daily inspection

a. Check whether the connecting bolts of all parts of the lift are complete and there is no looseness;

b. Check the reliability of the upper and lower limit switches and the upper and lower limit switches;

c. Check whether the switch actions such as each door and broken rope are normal one by one; [6]

Construction lift weekly inspection

a. Check the guide gap and fastening condition of the construction elevator cage roller;

b. After checking the lubrication condition, replenish the new oil in time;

c. Check the control cable routing device;

d. Check all standard sections and attachment points and fastening bolts of the attached wall;

e. Check the roller fixing condition of the weight and the balanced force of the wire rope;

f. Check the cable for damage;

Construction lift monthly inspection

a. Check the wear condition of the cage guide cage and the traction wire rope;

b. Check the motor braking torque (according to the motor manual);

c. Check whether the security action is flexible;

Construction lift quarterly inspection

a. Check each guide wheel bearing and adjust and replace it according to the situation;

b. Check the gap between the adjusting roller and the column 0.5~1mm, and the wear is serious and need to be replaced;

c. Perform a fall test and check the reliability of the speed limit brake;

d. Check the activity and reliability of the full rope rope fall arrester;

e. Check the load-limiting mechanism on the top of the cage and adjust it in time when the standard exceeds the standard;

Construction elevator annual inspection

a. Check the coupling of the elevator brake motor and cycloidal reducer;

b. Check the lift traction machine wheel groove and the positioning force component on the climbing frame;

c. Check the wear of the shafts of the cage and the traction machine

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