What are the main features of the SC200/200 construction lift?

- Feb 15, 2019-

1. The SC200/200 construction elevator protection device is complete and advanced, and the anti-fall safety device equipped with national patent technology has the reliability of the first in its class.

2. The drive unit is placed above the top of the cage, and the bearing space in the cage is large.

3. It adopts three-drive structure and has a large carrying capacity.

4. The attachment device is stable, safe and reliable.

5. The SC200/200 construction elevator covers a small area of only 24 square meters.

6. The SC200/200 construction elevator has stable transmission, small vibration and comfortable ride.

7. Lightweight structure, convenient for maintenance and disassembly.

8. The transmission mechanism adopts the three-motor drive form to make the gear racks evenly and safely.

9. Ensure that the elevator is safely operated, and the safety switch such as overload and speed limit is set in the circuit. When the above situation occurs during operation, the elevator automatically avoids accidents. Each door on the cage also has a limit switch. When any one door is abnormally opened, the cage cannot start or stop running immediately.

10. Each cage is equipped with anti-falling safety device, which can effectively prevent the cage from falling and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the elevator.

11. The lifting electrical control system has simple wiring, easy operation, maintenance and reliability. When the elevator is in normal operation, the elevator can be operated by the handle or button in the cage. It can be stopped at any position where parking is required. At the upper and lower terminal stations, the upper and lower terminal limit switches control the automatic stop, if the upper and lower terminals are limited. When the switch does not work due to a fault, the limit switch set on the lift can cut off the power supply and brake it in time.

12. The steel structure design has been scientifically and rigorously calculated, achieving the requirements of reasonable structure, reliable strength and light weight.

13. The lift can use the boom on the cage to install or remove the rail frame. The rest of the parts can be easily installed and removed, and the parts are easy to replace.