Is the climbing scaffold good?

- Jun 01, 2020-

Is the climbing scaffold good? Understand the advantages and disadvantages of climbing frame in one article!

Attached lifting scaffold

It turns out that the scientific name of the climbing scaffold we often call is this: "attached lifting scaffold" refers to a certain height and attached to the engineering structure, relying on its own lifting equipment and devices, can climb or descend with the engineering structure layer by layer External scaffold for anti-overturning and anti-falling device; attached lifting scaffold is mainly composed of attached lifting scaffold frame structure, attached support, anti-rolling device, anti-falling device, lifting mechanism and control device.
Attached lifting scaffolding equipment is a new type of scaffolding technology developed rapidly at the beginning of this century, which has an important impact on the progress of construction technology in my country. It transforms high-altitude operations into low-altitude operations and suspended operations into internal operations of the frame. It has the characteristics of low carbon, high-tech content, more economical, safer and more convenient.
Second, why should we use the attached lifting scaffold
1. Features:
Attached lifting scaffolding has the advantages of safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and aesthetics. It combines aluminum alloy formwork and fully cast-in-situ exterior walls to create full interpenetrating construction conditions for external walls. Maximize utilization.
2. Advantages:
About the advantages of intelligent attachment lifting scaffold:
1. The whole process of computer intelligent monitoring during the lifting process, the force situation of the machine position + human inspection, the combination of man and machine, and double safety guarantee construction safety;
2. Each plane has 3 real-time monitoring of fall prevention and lifting;
3. Automatic alarm and intelligent shutdown when the machine is stressed abnormally;
4. Human-machine interaction, find problems in time, quickly solve the abnormal lifting, ensure the safety and progress of construction.