Introduction to a Brief history of lifts

- Jul 12, 2017-

The earliest appearance of similar lifts should be traced back to ancient China and European countries, where people and goods were transported vertically by means of Lu and other tools. Modern lifts were the product of the invention of the 19th century steam engine. The first lift was born in 1845, when the liquid was used for water. In the 1853, the American 艾利莎·奥 invented the automatic safety device, which greatly improved the safety of the cable towing elevator.

In modern times we used to lift goods is a wooden ladder, it is inconvenient to use, climbing more dangerous. The first city to install lifts in China is Shanghai. In 1907, the six-storey hotel was fitted with two Otis lifts. The first commercial elevator in Taiwan was installed in the Japanese period in 1932 and was located in Taipei City, which was then called a flow cage. Domestic production of lifts, product models vary, lifting height of 4 meters, 6 meters, 18 meters or even up to hundred meters. Domestic and foreign advanced hydraulic, motor, pumping station system, hydraulic system explosion-proof device and hydraulic self-locking device. It has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, balanced lifting, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other products can not be replaced. Widely used in plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance property management, warehousing, aviation, airports, ports, 4S shops, stations, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, electricity and other high-altitude equipment installation and overhaul. The use of a wide range, and no room, there are no wells can be installed to use.

The development of lifts is in a high peak state, because most manufacturers or individuals in order to improve the utilization of the site, more choice of multi-storey buildings, which also need a device to facilitate the rise and fall of the goods. Because of the high cost of ordinary elevators, low bearing capacity, not suitable for loading dozens of tons or hundreds of tons of goods, so the development of a high carrying capacity of hydraulic lifts to assist in the production and transportation of goods. The elevator is safe and has the huge load ability, and the maintenance is convenient, makes this special industry some faster development.