What are the differences between material hoists and construction lifts?

- Apr 26, 2019-

The material hoist is a mechanical conveying device for fixed devices. It is mainly suitable for continuous vertical lifting of powder, granules and small pieces of material. It is equipped with rope breaking protection safety device, parking safety device, buffer device, upper and lower height and limit limit. Safety devices such as anti-loose rope devices.

Construction elevators are often referred to as construction elevators, but construction elevators include a broader definition and construction platforms are also part of the construction elevators. The simple construction elevator is composed of car, drive mechanism, standard section, attached wall, chassis, fence, electrical system, etc. It is a manned cargo construction machine often used in buildings, due to its unique cabinet structure. It is comfortable and safe to ride. The construction elevator is usually used with the tower crane on the construction site. The general load is 0.3-3.6 tons and the running speed is 1-96M/min.