What is the difference between material hoist and construction elevator?

- Dec 18, 2018-

1, different transmission methods

Construction elevators generally use motor and gear transmission. The material hoist transmission mode is mainly the configuration of the main unit plus wire rope.

2, different uses

Construction elevators are widely used in construction such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction and shipbuilding industries, etc., suitable for vertical transportation of materials and personnel, as permanent or semi-permanent elevators can also be used for warehouses, high Towers and other places.

The material hoist is a mechanical conveying device for fixing devices. It is mainly used for continuous vertical lifting of powder, granules and small pieces of materials. It can be widely used in feed mills, flour mills, rice mills and oil mills of various scales. The improvement of bulk materials in starch factories, grain depots and port terminals.

3. Different scope of application

Construction elevators generally ensure the safety of personnel and materials transportation, and special personnel are required to start. The material hoist can only carry out some simple material transportation, and the speed is not relatively fast.

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