Construction Hoists and Their Maintenance

- Sep 28, 2020-

A well-built construction hoist can be a valuable tool to the team who uses it every day. Here are some important guidelines and tips that will help you maintain and repair your hoist in an efficient and safe manner:

Always adhere to the rules and regulations for hoist safety in place at your site. Make sure that you follow the rules of the local authority by making sure that you have all of the appropriate safety equipment on hand. If there is any sort of malfunctioning of any component, check with the operator as soon as possible. If a safety device does not operate as expected, do not use it. Do not use the gate in an unsafe way, as the gate cannot be operated by just one hand.

Do not put heavier loads onto the hoist than is necessary. For example, if you are using the hoist to raise a bucket of paint from a roofing surface, you will need to be able to lift that bucket by around 10 ft. before you can safely lower it. Do not use the hoist for tasks such as lifting very heavy items. You should not make the hoist too large for the job at hand.

Never use the lift for lifting items that require a special skill use. If the hoist does not provide the required clearance, do not use it. Also, if you have to use this tool in an area that does not allow you to reach the object, try lowering the hoist to the ground and walking away. You should never attempt to pick up objects that are too heavy to lift.

Keep all components in good condition. If you notice a part of the system that is no longer working or not operating as it should, do not use it at your site. Have it replaced as soon as possible. Do not leave cables exposed in unsafe conditions for long periods of time. Do not overload a hoist. The same rule applies to cables that are attached to the system. The cables should not exceed a certain amount.

To maintain a construction hoist, you need to be vigilant about proper maintenance. Keep the machinery free from rust and dirt. Clean the tracks regularly to prevent wear and tear on the system. Check your cables for loose fittings on a regular basis and replace them as soon as possible.