Construction Hoist Reducers Maintenance - replacing lubricant

- May 31, 2019-

Construction Hoist Reducers Maintenance 

Warm Tip from KANGBO Machinery Group 

Good Maintenance, Increase Benefits! 

In order to make your construction elevator better operation and use, after 40 hours of the first operation of the reducer, the lubricating oil must be replaced, and new lubricating oil must be replaced at least once a month.

1, Unscrew the bolt of Oil Discharge Hole with a spanner. 

2, After discharged old lubricant oil, screw the oil discharging hole bolt. 

3, Unscrew the cap of Refueling Hole.   

4, Inject new N320 lubricant oil into the reducer through Refueling Hole.   

5, If the lubricant oil flow out from Oil Level Hole during refueling, it means the lubricant oil is enough, the Lubricant Oil Replacing is finished. 

construction lift gearbox replacing lubricant 1 

construction elevator gearbox replacing lubricant 2 

construction hoist gearbox replacing lubricant 3 

construction lifts gearbox replacing lubricant 4 

construction lift reducer replacing lubricant 5 

construction hoists reducer replacing lubricant 6