Application of building lifts

- Jul 12, 2017-

Building lifts are also known as freight lifts, which are generally larger and more loaded than passenger lifts, ranging from 2000 to 5000 kg, most of which are in traction. Cargo lifts are generally not well decorated to avoid damage during delivery, and many have manual control of the elevator door switch.

There is a very small freight elevator, English called Dumb Waiter, dedicated to the Multi-layer restaurant for the delivery of food, cups and plates. This kind of sundries lifts will also be used in multi-storey libraries to carry books.

In construction sites, warehouses and other places, gear-rack meshing lifts are sometimes used (commonly known as "cages" in Hong Kong) to carry goods and to allow workers to ride. This kind of lift does not have the lift shaft, uses the tooth track support and the Movement car box.