SC200/200 High Speed Rack Pinion Elevator Hoist Lifter

SC200/200 High Speed Rack Pinion Elevator Hoist Lifter

SC200/200 3 doors cage frequency control construction lifts Overview Truly modular hoist design, so, the drive devices and cages are generic and interchangeable. Multiple choice of doors or ramps is available. The standardizing system of Kangbo K series offers efficiency, productivity, low...
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Product Details

SC200/200 High Speed Rack Pinion Elevator Hoist Lifter 


Truly modular hoist design and standardizing system of Kangbo hoist MP-B09, MP-B10 offers efficiency, productivity, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, making it the best choice for construction and rental companies.

The structural part is made of Q345 high quality steel. 

A crane available for convenient assembly. 

Frequency control makes motors starting and stopping smoothly, less wear and tear.  

The Multi-function Control System, functions including fault detect, display and alarm, and automatic cage landing/stop and floor selection, is available. 

Machine certified TUV according to European Regulation EN 12159: 2009. 


* Lifting speed is up to 60 meters per minute with full load of 2 tons. 

* Energy-saving helical gearboxes. 

* The racks are at the center of mast to reduce partial load torque and make the machines run more stably and smoothly.  

* Applying non-eccentric rollers. No need to adjust the rollers after installation. 

* The totally welded cage roof ensure high strength and no water leakage in rainy days. 

* Frequency control, with closed-loop.

* Composite Power & Control Cable, or Sliding contact line (Integrated Conductive Rail or Busbar).  

Technical Data   

Payload   capacity 2,000 kg
Lifting speed          0–60 m/min.
Max. lifting height 450 m 
Cage width (internal)              1.5 m
Cage length (internal)               3.2 m
Cage height (internal)           2.35 m
Cage doorsWith side door
Motor control                      FC control
Engine power2x23 kw
GearboxHelical reducer 
Safety device type                 centrifugal brake
Power supply range               380–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Type of mast                         square column 650*650 mm with bolted rack
Length mast section              1.508 m
Rack module          8
*  Be equipped with a frequency control unit (FC), with closed-loop.

MPB 7.jpg  

Safety during dismentlement of construction hoists. 

Important safety measures during dismantlement

(1) During dismantling, the personnel irrelevant to the dismantlement work are not allowed to use the hoist.

(2) Jobs of dismantling are not allowed when the wind velocity is more than 13 m/s (measured on the top of hoist), as long as in the weather of thunderstorm, snow and freezing.

(3) Anyone is not allowed to stand under the hanging objects.

(4) The hoist can be operated with the operating control box on the cage top only. It is not allowed to operate in the cage during dismantling.

(5) During dismantling, the 'emergency stop' button on the operating control box must be pressed.

(6) While working on the cage top, it is not allowed to leave the operating control box in the cage.

(7) Before the dismantled parts are put on the cage roof, the hoist cage is not allowed to drive.

(8) The cage top crane must not lift the materials that heavier than its rated payload. Overload is prohibited.

(9) The dismantled parts are not allowed to be hung on the cage top crane, during the cage running.

(10) Personnel head and hands and materials are not allowed to exceed the cage top fence during the cage running.

(11) The load and running speed of the cage shall not exceed the rated installation load and rated installation running speed.

(12) The non-qualified staff is not allowed to carry out the electrical dismantlement. And, the main power must be cut off during the electrical dismantling.

(13) Unless the main power is completely cut off, nobody is allowed to be in the ground enclosure, on top of the fence, or leaning against the fence, and other unsafe regions such as channel of hoist, mast and tie-in.