3 Door High Speed Rack Hoist Lifts Builders Temporary Elevator

3 Door High Speed Rack Hoist Lifts Builders Temporary Elevator

High lift speed cage with C door helical reducer hoist lift Overview Truly modular hoist design. The drive devices and cages are generic and interchangeable, and multiple kinds of doors or ramps is available. Modular system of MP-B11, MP-B12 offers flexibility, efficiency, energy saving and low...
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3 Door High Speed Rack Hoist Lifts Builders Temporary Elevator


Modular system of MP-B11, MP-B12 offers flexibility, efficiency, and low cost of ownership, making it the best choice for both construction and rental companies.

An electric small crane available for convenient assembly. 

VFD makes starting and stopping very smoothly, low starting current and much less wear and tear. 

Intelligent control System, of fault detect, display and alarm, and automatic cage landing/stop and floor selection. 

TUV according to European Regulation EN 12159: 2009. 


* Unique design of Racks at center of mast reduces partial load torque of hoists, makes hoists run more stably.  

* Use non-eccentric rollers. It means faster and less errors in installation.  

* The waterproof integrated cage roof made by a piece of steel plate.

* Additional door by a side for convenient loading/unloading. 

* Drop test facility with remote control. 

* Frequency control, with closed-loop, is equipped.

Technical Data   

Technical   Data   
Payload capacity 2,000 kg
Lifting speed          0–60 m/min.
Max. lifting height 450 m 
Internal cage width             1.5 m
Internal cage length             3.2 m
Internal cage height          2.35 m
Cage doorsAdditional side door
Motor control                      Frequency Control
Engine power per cage3x15 kw 
GearboxHelical reducers 
Safety device type                 Centrifugal brake
Power supply range               380–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Type of mast                         square column 650*650 mm with bolted rack
Length mast section              1.508 m
Rack module          8
*  Be equipped with a frequency control unit (FC), with closed-loop. 

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Rack Hoist Lifts consoles.jpg 

What is the advantage of construction hoist modular design and manufacturing? 

For example, KANGBO rack and pinion hoist,  

•The drive devices and cages of same series hoists are universal, can be matched freely, interchanged and exchanged.

•It is very convenient for installation and re-installation,

•The costs and errors of daily maintenance, transportation, inventory management can be significantly reduced.

How to make the Builders Hoists Installation Base? 

1. When the total height of the mast is ≤ 100 m, the ground carrying capacity under the hoist foundation shall not be less than 0.1 MPa. When the total height of the mast is more than 100 m, the ground carrying capacity under the hoist foundation shall not be less than 0.15 MPa. The load borne by the foundation shall not be less than P.

2. The hoist foundation is the reinforced concrete foundation, and should be able to bear all loads under the worst conditions of the hoist operation. Before pouring the concrete foundation, the earth should be processed to ensure that the earth bearing capacity meets the requirements of the design drawing. And the earth should be Leveled and tamped.

While pouring the foundation, it is also necessary to consider the drainage measures of various foundations. The foundation and base-frame of the hoist are not allowed to be soaked in the water for long, to avoid corroding that influencing the performance of the hoists.

3. After determining without error, lay the steel bar as required by the foundation drawing, and meanwhile bundle the foundation embedded parts and foundation bolts with the steel mesh in the foundation firmly. Then pour the concrete. While pouring the concrete, pay attention to protecting the threaded hole of the embedded parts and the foundation bolts, and apply the grease for protection if necessary. The hoist foundation must be constructed and maintained in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction drawing. During the curing period of concrete, it is strictly prohibited to carry out the installation work.

Important notice: Before pouring the concrete foundation, it is necessary to measure the distance between center of the embedded frame to the wall surface that to be fixed tie-ins, and the position and dimension of the foundation bolt relative to the center of the embedded frame. While pouring the concrete, it is necessary to take measures to guarantee the embedded parts from displacement.