3 ton rack pinion type outdoor Temporary Construction Elevators

3 ton rack pinion type outdoor Temporary Construction Elevators

0-60m/min speed Variable Frequency Drive outdoor elevator Overview True modular design. The drive devices and cages are generic and interchangeable, and offers a multiple choice of doors or ramps. The modular and standardizing system of Kangbo KP-B hoists offers flexibility, efficiency, low...
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3 ton Rack Pinion Type Outdoor Temporary Construction Elevators


True modular design. The drive devices and cages of KP-B15, KP-B16 construction hoist are generic and interchangeable, and offers a multiple choice of doors or ramps. 

The modular and standardizing system of Kangbo 3 ton hoists offers flexibility, efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, making it the best choice for both construction and rental companies.

The structural parts are made of Q345 steel.

There is a electrical small crane available to facilitate the assembly of columns and doors on the floors. 

VFD provides smooth starting and stopping with low starting current and less wear and tear.  

Manual or Automatic Controls is available. 

Multi-function Control System including fault detect, display and alarm, and automatic cage landing/stop and floor selection.

TUV certificate.

Construction Elevator Features 

* High lifting speed with heavy payload. It is a real high speed and heavy load construction elevator. The construction lift runs at 60 meter per minute speed with 3 tons load. 

* Energy-saving gear reducer of KANGBO's own patent.  

* The rollers are non-eccentric, no need to adjust. That means faster installation and less error when installing. 

* Cage roof's edges are totally welded, no leakage of cage roof.

* With much bigger and stronger cage frame made of cool roll steel plate. 

* Flap door for loading/unloading ramp.

* Interlocked roof trap with Gas Spring to prevent the trap door from falling, fast closing and hurting persons.

* Drop test facility with remote pendant. 

* Frequency control unit (FC) with closed-loop. 

* Cable, or Integrated Conductive Rail. Slide contact line which made specially for outdoor elevators is available. 

* Easy access to electrical panels. Adopting world famous brand electrical and electronic parts, such as Schneider. 

* Certified safety brake system. 

* Side open ground enclosure gate, which is convenient for using and reliable. 

Technical Data   

Payload   capacity 3,000 kg
Lifting speed          0–60 m/min.
Max. lifting height 450 m 
Cage width (internal)              1.5 m
Cage length (internal)               3.2 m
Cage height (internal)           2.35 m
Motor control                      FC control
Engine power3x23 kw
GearboxHelical reducer 
Safety device type                 centrifugal brake
Power supply range               380–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Type of mast                         square column 650*650 mm with bolted rack
Length mast section              1.508 m
Rack module          8
* Be equipped with a frequency control unit (FC), with closed-loop.

rack pinion lift flap door .jpg rack pinion elevator flap door .jpg

Attentions in Operating the Hoist

<1> Load passengers and materials evenly according to the rated passenger quantity and payload. The materials and passengers should not be mixed. The load should be well-distributed, and overloading is strictly prohibited. Please refer to the following passenger numbers: 2000kg/18 persons, 1500kg/16 persons, 1200kg/12 persons.

<2> In case of abnormal situation such as electricity out of control, press the emergency stop button immediately; do not release it before removal of faults; don't continue operations before solve the problems.

<3> For VFD hoist, in the case of sudden power failure, after the power resume, restarting of inverter must wait for more than 2 minutes; after restarting, the cage must run upwards for more than 200mm, then the cage can be operated downwards to resume to normal operation.

<4> If the safety device acts suddenly during operation, operators should contact the authorized personnel at the working site, and wait for emergency help. After find out the problems and solve, the safety device can be reset.

<5> Fulfill operating: run the cage down to the bottom floor, press down the emergency stop button, (for the hoists without cab, should turn the electric lock on the console to power off state), shut off the power supply in the ground electric box, lock the cage door and enclosure door.

<6> If the cage suddenly stop between layers due to power failure or other electric malfunction (such as fuse and heat transducer), you can make the cage descent with its gravity to next storey by intermittently pulling the handle of 

brake-releasing at one end of motor, and download the cargos.

<7> If the cage runs to the top of mast and triggers the three-phase emergency limit switch, lead the three-phase power supply shut off, the above procedure should be followed to lower the cage down.

cage inside 4.jpg