16mm² Busbar Integrated Power and Control Line Hoist Cable

16mm² Busbar Integrated Power and Control Line Hoist Cable

16mm² busbar Integrated Power and Control Line hoist cable Overview When hoist cage moving up and down, it needs power continuously. The Sliding Contact Line is a system that supplying power to the hoist. The conductive conduits are installed on the mast, and the current collector is assembled...
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16mm² busbar Integrated Power and Control Line hoist cable

Integrated Power and Control Line Hoist Cable Overview 

When hoist cage moving up and down, it needs power continuously. The Sliding Contact Line is a system that supplying power to the hoist lifts. The conductive conduits are installed on the mast, and the current collector is assembled on the cage to get power from them. The current collector operates synchronously with the moving cage, so the power is obtained from the conductive conduits to make the hoist move continuously. The sliding contact line is the device that composed of current collector, conductive conduits which hold conductive rails, and relative components. 

Features of Busbar

* Safe: The Sliding Contact Line will not be affected by wind, rain and other bad weather. The good insulation performance of it ensures safety of the maintenance personnels.

* Reliable: The conductive rails made of special aluminum alloy profile are with excellent conductivity, rapid heat dissipation, low impedance and line loss. The electric brushes made of metal graphite material are with high conductivity and high wear resistance. The current collector moves flexibly in the conduit and is with good directional performance. The contact arc and the series arc phenomenon of the system are controlled effectively.

* Economic: The structure Sliding contact line device greatly reduces the loss of electric energy. The length of Sliding Contact Line can be extended according to mast height. Meanwhile, the conductive conduits can be segmented replaced, no need to change the whole cable if local damage.

* Convenient: The Sliding Contact Line integrates multistage busbar in a conduit and parts of the system, such as fixed brackets, connecting clamps and suspension devices, etc. are provided with common components, can be assembled/dismantled, commissioned and repaired easily.

Technical Data

Art.   No.: BHFS-5-16A/80
Rated Current80A 
Rated Voltage380V 
Conduit Dimension 3016x60x54mm
Conduit Weight 6.8kg
Insulation Resistance≥0.5MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding VoltageAC   3750V, NO BREAKDOWN AND FLICKERING WITHIN 1 MIN
Protection   Grade of ShellIP10
Electrothermal Stability20/rated   1s
Rated   Short-time Withstand Current & Rated Peak Withstand Current4.5KA/6.75KA
Ambient   Features1, Heat   Resistance Test:Normal Type   +55°C

2, Low   Temperature Test -30°C

3, Heat and   Humidity Test: Relative Humidity 95%,+25°C

4, Air   Pressure: 86-106KPa
Flame ResistanceSelf   Extinguishing
Parameter   of Power Transmission LineCompliant with   National Standard GB3049   <cable conductor>

Resistance ≤0.028Ωmm2/(+20°C)
Current CollectorTraction   Force:F<80N;

Traveling Speed:V<100m/min
ELECTRIC BRUSH PARAMETERResistance   Coefficient:0.1-0.35;  

Friction   Coefficient:0.2            

Contact Voltage   Drop:0.3-0.1V;

Abrasion after   operating 2000km <0.7mm   

Effective   Abrasion of Brush:4-6mm;

Effective   Working Pressure:1.8-2.3N/cm2


Common Troubleshouting and solutions of passenger and material hoists  Slide Contact Line 

Sr. No.Descriptions  Inspection Items Fault AnalysisSolutionsRequired Part NameRemarks
1No power supply or phase   lossWhether is length of   brush in the current collector is less then 11mm?Abrasion of brush?Replace the brushCarbon Brush
Whether   the aluminum bar  is well connected in   the position of sliding contact line joints?Change the internal contacting   spot, adjust the aluminum barContacting Spot
Whether   the carbon brush can not telescope smoothly because of rubbish inside of the   current collector?Open the current collector and   clean inside.

Whether   the spring of carbon brush is broken?Replace the springSrping
Whether   there is pock mark or burnt mark on the steel part of aluminum bar?If there is only slight pock   mark or burnt mark, make the steel part of aluminum bar become smooth by   using oilstone. If there is serious burnt, please change the aluminum bar.Aluminum Bar
Whether   it is not frequency converting controlling system?Install double current collectorCurrent Collector
Whether   it is high speed building hoist?Increase quantity of current   collectorCurrent Collector
2Sliding Contact Line is   bentWhether line is   descendingScrew of steel fastener is loose   or missing?Fasten the screw

Anti-drop   suspender is loose or missing?Reset the anti-drop suspender   and check whether it is installed every 18mAnti-drop suspender
Distance   between the steel fastener and sliding contact line joint is too far?Loosen the steel fastener from   top to bottom, adjust the distance between joints and steel fastener. Install   more steel fastener

Conduit   Fastener is forgotten to install? Make sure that there is one conduit   fastener on each mast section Install Conduit fastenerConduit Fastener
3Power Off suddenly when   the building hoist is travelingInspect the connection   of Sliding contact lines in this positionWhether connector screw is   loose?Fasten the screw

Whether   the contacting spot is burntchange the contacting spotContacting Spot
Whether   the spring chip is broken?Change the Spring ChipSpring Chip
4Circuit breaker tripped   in rainy weather1, Check whether there   is rubbish in the inlet connector or internal of sliding contact line
    2, Take out the current collector and give power directly to the sliding   contact line. If the circuit breaker doesn't trip, then there is no problem   on the sliding contact line. Check the current collector.
    3, If problem on sliding contact line is confirmed, divide it by every 60m,   and check separately.
Junction Box broken with water   inside?Change the Junction BoxJunction Box
Current   Collector broken with water inside?Change the current collectorCurrent Collector
Whether   there is rubbish at the interior connection of the sliding contact line?clear the rubbish by brush

Whether   there is too much carbon powder or rubbish inside of the current collector?Clear the carbon powder and   rubbish inside of the current collector