SC200/200 Gear Rack and Pinion Hoist Elevator for Construction

SC200/200 Gear Rack and Pinion Hoist Elevator for Construction

Rack and Pinion Material Hoist for Construction without VFD Overview The modular and standard system offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, productivity, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, making it the ultimate choice for both construction and rental companies. Main parts are...
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Product Details

SC200/200 Gear Rack and Pinion Hoist Elevator for Construction

Elevator Overview 

Main parts are made of 16Mn and Q345 steel. 

Economic and reliable.

Manual controls. 

TUV proved. 

Hoist Features 

* Power saving gear reducers.

* Racks at the centre of mast sections. 

* No need to adjust the rollers after installation. 

* Totally welded cage roof edges, with high strength and no leakage. 

* Composite Power & Control Cable.

* Safety Device (centrifugal brake) system.

* Convenient and reliable side open ground enclosure gates.

Technical Data of Rack and Pinion Hoist Elevator

Payload   capacity 2,000 kg
Lifting speed          30 m/min.
Max. lifting height 200 m 
Cage width (internal)              1.5 m
Cage length (internal)               3.2 m
Cage height (internal)           2.35 m
Motor control                      DOL
Engine power per cage2x11 kw
GearboxHelical reducer 
Safety device type                 centrifugal brake
Power supply range               380 / 400 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase 
Type of mast                         square column 650*650 mm with bolted rack
Length mast section              1.508 m
Rack module          8


Rack and Pinion Hoist Elevator.jpg

Rack and Pinion Elevator.jpg

Rack Pinion Elevator.jpg 


About Hoist Periodical Inspection, Repairing and Maintenance 

Periodical check should be executed 6 times every year by the technicians of user or qualified hoist maintenance party. The periodical check, repairing and maintenance must be recorded, and the records must be reserved. (Check list is enclosed). Check the hoisting load-bearing components by visual, load tests can be performed if necessary; magnifying glass check can use on the welding lines, magnaflux can be used to check crack if necessary.

Any wears, damage or missing parts might be life threatening. The site management personnel must be informed as soon as it occurs; the site management personnel shall ensure stop using of the equipment, and repair or replace to remove the risk.

Operators or passengers in the hoist are responsible to inform the site management personnel to take actions as soon as they find any abnormal situation or any missing and damage of the components. The site management personnel are responsible to ensure all workers and operators have been well trained.

Before using, the anti-falling test must be performed with 1.25 times of rated payload and with rated payload every time after reinstallation of the hoist. (The anti-falling test record form is enclosed).

Periodical check, test, repairing and maintenance of Hoist must be recorded. (Inspection record form and anti-falling test record form are enclosed).

Attention: Unintentional operation: during repairing or maintaining the cage, if the staffs need to leave the cage, the main power supply must be shut down and locked, and the warning board must be displayed.