Heavy Duty Gear Pinion Rack Hoist Builders Construction Lifters

Heavy Duty Gear Pinion Rack Hoist Builders Construction Lifters

Heavy load gear reducer Non VFD construction rack hoist Overview Kangbo KP hoists are the best choice for efficient construction logistics. The modular and standard system offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, productivity, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, making it the...
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Product Details

Heavy Duty Gear Pinion Rack Hoist Builders Construction Lifters 


The electrical small crane for installation is available.

Available in single cage or twin cage configuration.

Manual controls. 

Hoist Features 

* Use KANGBO make helical gearbox.

* Racks are at the centre of mast.

* No need to adjust the rollers after installation.  

* Cage roof's edges are fully welded . 

* Interlocked roof hatch. 

* Drop test facility. 

* Composite Power & Control Cable.  

* Safety brake system. 

* Convenient side open ground enclosure door.

Construction Hoist Technical Data  

Payload capacity 3,200 kg
Lifting speed          30 m/min.
Max. lifting height 200 m 
Cage width (internal)              1.5 m
Cage length (internal)               3.2 m
Cage height (internal)           2.35 m
Motor control                      DOL
Engine power per cage3x11 kw
GearboxHelical reducer 
Safety device type                 centrifugal brake
Power supply range               380 / 400 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase 
Type of mast                         square column 650*650 mm with bolted rack
Length mast section              1.508 m
Rack and pinion module          8


hoist KP 3.jpg

Hoist Structure and Main Parts

This machine is composed of 10 parts, including 

Hoist foundation (it should be made by the user at the site as required), 

Ground enclosure (including the base), 

Mast (Guide Rail Bracket), 


Cage-The internal size of standard cage is 3.2m(Length)*1.5m(Width)*2.35(Height)m., 

Drive system, 

Safety control system, 

Cage top crane, electrical equipment & control system, and 

Power supply system (Busbar/cable, cable guide, and cable drum/cable trolley).

Construction Hoist Application 

It is applicable to the construction of the engineering such as high-rise buildings, TV tower, bridge, water tower, power station and chimney, etc.. It is the efficient construction machine of vertically transporting the materials and personnel.

Also, it can be used for different occasions such as warehouse and high tower, as the permanent or semi-permanent external elevator.

Important Safety Remind

“Safety Management System” formulated by users shall regulate that there must be a specially-assigned person taking charge of safety at each working site. Before using hoist, users must carefully read and understand all contents of this manual. 

Relevant operators must have strong safety awareness, and abide by regulations of this manual carefully, responsibly and definitely.

hoist, flap door as platform.jpg